Ant Tasks

Teamprise Ant Tasks provide an interface to Microsoft Team Foundation Server - by using these tasks, the capabilities of a TFS server can be accessed from an Ant script. The TFS Ant tasks require Ant version 1.6 or higher; version 1.7.0 is recommended. To use the Teamprise Ant Tasks, unzip the archive, then open and read the installation.html file. The manual.html file contains detailed information on each of the tasks.

These tasks are implemented as wrappers around the tf command-line tool, and will work with either the tf.exe tool from Microsoft or the Teamprise Command-Line Client. Usage of these tasks requires that the command-line tool is already installed on the machine running Ant.

Important: These tasks need "tf" to be on the path. Alternatively, the property can be set to the location of the tf program. If the tasks are not working, check that one of these conditions is met.

The Tasks

Task Description
tfs Run a generic tfs command
tfsadd Add files or folders to a workspace
tfscheckin Check in pending changes
tfscheckout Check out files and folders so they can be edited
tfsdelete Delete files or folders from a workspace
tfsget Get files and folders from the server
tfshistory Obtain history information on a file or folder
tfslabel Manage labels
tfsparsehistory Parse the output from tfshistory
tfstasksdiagnostics Print out diagnostic information and tests that the Teamprise TFS Ant tasks are correctly installed
tfsworkfold Manage working folder mappings for a workspace
tfsworkspace Manage workspaces on a TFS server